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About Us

Dream bigger, take action,
and make it happen!

Throwback to 2019 when I lived in a one-bedroom apartment and determined to
start my beloved collage paper business.

I like to see how my business has grown and how I have progressed
as a person and a small business owner.

I like to stop for a moment and be thankful for all the support received,
and also pat myself on the back for all the hard work and effort.

Our mission

Gifts make smiles.

Gift-giving is not just a tradition, it's a way to spread joy and happiness to those we care about.
A well-chosen gift has the power to make people smile, lift their spirits, and create lasting memories.
Whether it's a thoughtful gesture for a special occasion or a simple surprise to brighten someone's day,
gifts have the ability to express our love and appreciation in a meaningful and tangible way.

From small tokens of affection to grand gestures of generosity, the act of giving gifts is
a universal language that brings people together and strengthens relationships.
So spread some joy and make someone smile with a gift that comes from the heart.

Why choose our store products?

"Step into the wonderful world of paper crafting,
where creativity meets imagination!"

Our store is a haven for all paper craft enthusiasts, offering a vast array of high-quality products and
supplies to bring your crafting ideas to life. From colorful patterned papers and stickers to
die-cut machines and tools, we have everything you need to create beautiful and unique paper crafts.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are passionate about all things paper crafting and
are always ready to offer expert advice and guidance to help you with your projects.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, our store is a one-stop shop for
all your paper crafting needs. So come on in and let your creativity run wild with our
vast selection of paper crafting supplies and accessories!